Application of liquids on pump

Application Example of Liquid or Description of the Application Suggested Series
Abrasive-content Liquids TiO2, Slaked Lime, Grout, Caulking Compounds, Sand Slurries RDMS
Adhesives and Sealants Epoxy Resins. Two Component Glue Dispensing RDRB/RDBX/HGBX
Agriculture (Animal Feeds) Pumping Molasses, Other Liquid Animal Feeds RDMS/HGBX
Asphalt Clean Asphalt RDRBJ
Asphalt Applications, Other Trucks to Spread Asphalt Emulsions for Seal Coating and Chip Sealing RDRBJ
Asphalt Applications, Other Asphalt Coated Piping and Sewers RDRBJ
Asphalt Applications, Other Tar Kettles; Portable Heat and Spray Packages for On-site Roofing Build-up, Foundation Sealing and Crack filling RDRBJ
Asphalt Applications, Other Asphalt Spray Insulation in Automotive and Appliance Manufacturing for Sound Deadening RDRBJ
Asphalt Applications, Other Pumping Asphalt Pitch in Aluminum Refining RDRBX
Asphalt Packaged Mix Asphalt Plants RDRBJ
Automotive and Furniture Resin Dispense Packages OEMs like Graco, Global Finishing Solutions, Binks, DeVilbiss RDRN
Bulk Plant Transfer and Truck-Mounted Service Bulk Fluids Loading and Unloading HGN/HGBX/RDRN/NDX
Bloomer Chocolate Style Chocolate Machines Chocolate Dispensing HGSX/RDMS
Chemical Chemical HGSX
Chocolate Chocolate Liquor and Cocoa Butter HGSX/RDMS
Clean Lubricating Liquids Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Fuel Additives, Industrial Soaps RDRN/RDBX/RDMS
Corrosive Liquids Acids, Caustics RDMS
Chemical Dispense Packages Agricultural Chemicals HGSX
Chemical Chemicals Dispensing HGSX
Cooking Oil Waste Packages Cooking Oil Waste (McDonalds) Waste Collectors HGBX
Fats and Oils Extraction, Refining, Trucking, Barging; Hot Oil Filtration Feed RDMS
Fuel Petroleum Refining, Blending and Transporting RDRX
Fuel Additives Additive Metering RDRN/RDBX
Fuel Burners Fuel Oil RDRX
Fuel Dispensing Fuel Oil Trucking RDBX
Fuel (Waste) Dirty Waste Oil Transfer, Oil/Water Separation RDBX
Foam Packages to Make Seat Cushions Isocyanates, Polyols, Semi-closed Cell, Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam RDMNS
Gasoline Additive Packages Gasoline Additive Dispensing (Detergent) RDRX
High Viscosity Applications Asphalt, Tar, Molasses, Heavy Fuel Oils RDM/RDMS
Hot Mix Asphalt Plants Asphalt Emulsions RDB/RDRBJ
Hydraulics Hydraulic Power RDBX
Hot Oil Heater Mfgs Heat Transfer Fluids RDB
Ink Dispense Systems Printing Ink Dispensing (Dispensing Thick film Inks on PC Boards) HGSX/HGBX
Lubrication Rotating equipment, like large compressors, turbines and engines, (dedicated and powered lubrication) HGBX/RDRN
Lubrication Plant-wide lubrication systems and machine tool coolant/lubrication) HGBX/RDRN
Marine Fuel-injection, Oil burners, Boosting, Hydraulics, Fuel, Lubrication, Circulating and Feed Pumping GTX/RDRBX
Machinery Lubrication Automatic Lubrication Systems ET/HGCX
Machine Tool Coolants Machine Tool and Coolant Filtration Packages ET/HGBX
Oil Production Tank Circulating, Field Gathering, Crude Oil Treating and High Capacity Terminal Applications RDRX/NDX
Oil Refining Crude Oil and Asphalt Transfer, Large Terminal Transfer Pumps for Barge and Tanker Loading and Unloading RDRN/NDX
Paint and Adhesive Packages Hot Melt Adhesive Spraying and Dispensing (OEMs like Graco, Global Finishing Solutions, Binks, DeVilbiss) HG/HGBX
Polymer Feed Packages Water Treatment Polymers RDMS
Paints and Coatings Paint Transfer, Resin and Pigment Processing, Finished Coating Filling, Latex Pumping, Solvent Transfer and Paint Sludge Filtration RDRB/RDBX
Personal Care Transfer and Filling Semi-Viscous or Viscous Personal Care Products such as Shampoos, Conditioners, Creams, Lotions, and Toothpaste HGSX
Personal Care Fragrances and Extracts HGSX
Plastics Reactor Discharge and Transfer Applications for Monomers, Polymers. Resins and Styrene Monomer injection. HGMX,HGSX,RDMS
Polymers (Water Treatment) Metering Liquid Polymer RDRX
Polyurethane Foams Isocyanates and Polyols for Two-part Foam Production for Use in Insulation, Lining and Packaging Applications RDMNS
Power Generating Lubricating oils, Fuel Oil, Fuel Flow Dividers HGBX/RDRX
Printing Inks Ink Manufacturing and Printing Press Applications HGSX
Pulp and Paper Green and Black Liquor, Paper Coatings for High Gloss Paper, Waxes, and Starch Fillers RDMS
Refrigerant Lubrication Refrigerant Lubrication HGMX/HGSX
Refineries and Terminals Crude Oil, Asphalts, Light Fractions, Molten Sulfur RDRX/NDX
Refrigeration Recirculation of Ammonia and Other Refrigerant Fluids Used in Commercial Refrigeration Plants HGSX/RDMS
Roofing Plants Filled Asphalts for Shingle Manufacturing RDRX
Rubber Polystyrene, Polyurethanes, Polybutadiene, Silicone RDBX
Shear Sensitive Fluids Latex, Polymers RDMS
Soaps and Detergents Manufacturing, Packaging, and Transporting Soaps and Detergents RDMS
Sugars and Molasses Manufacturing, Packaging and Transporting Glucose, Fructose Juice, Concentrated Liquors, Sugar Magmas, Molasses, and Honey JDX/RDB
Tint Dispensing Machines Paint Pigments Dispensing and Color Matching HGBX/HGSX
Transformer Transformer Oil Circulation Packages HGBX
WR Grace Style Curing Agent Dispensing Packages Concrete Curing Agents HGBX
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